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Hi there, my name is Douwe Mik and I am behind NetSwampi. I have been in IT and information security for many years, more than I care to admit.

What is a netswampi you may wonder. Beats me… but do let me know if you have a good description. It’s simply been an internet handle that I have been using since the early 90’s, which by the way is no guarantee that all netswampi’s out there are actually me.. I was stumped to find the. com domain as still available, so figured it would be a good platform for me to use.

This blog is my attempt at sharing stuff, hopefully some of it of interest. It is mainly focused on cyber security, as that is what excites me, keeps me busy and pays my rent. Feel free to comment on my blog postings or follow me on twitter. All opinions that I share on this site are mine and are in no way affiliated to any vendors or other commercial stakeholders in cyber security.

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